Toy boy is just begging to be banged hard

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I was totally messing around with this local stud and in all honesty, he didn’t have a clue. I guess he felt like I actually wanted a boyfriend when in fact all I wanted was to bang some dudes tight ass and call it a night. While I might come across as a bit of a jerk, isn’t a gay fling all we need in life?

I dare you guys to watch any of these Hot Gay Porn Videos and not get turned on to the max by them. I know from personal experience that once that cock gets rock hard you would do just about anything to get a hot ass to ram it deep inside of.

This dude is totally falling for everything that I am telling him and I know it’s just a matter of time now before he is all mine to do with whatever I choose. I guess it is entirely possible that I am the one that is actually getting played but you know what? does it really matter if I am, no it doesn’t! all I want is to get my cock worked on by a hung stud and that’s just what I will be doing.