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Most people think that I am straight. They have no clue that I have fucked way more men than women. Things are getting pretty serious with my girlfriend and she has no idea. The gay sex stuff is my secret, and that’s how I prefer it. It isn’t just that it frees me from judgement, it’s that it makes all the encounters feel that much hotter.

I travel a minimum of a few days out of every month for business. A lot of the time, I scope out the gay hookup scene in the areas I will be visiting before hand. The girlfriend never finds signs of me having been with other women because I’m not. I am out there cheating with men. I don’t feel bad about it either. It’s something she cannot give me, meanwhile I give her everything she wants.

I love how free guys are for just fucking with no strings attached or expectation of pampering or payment. We all just want the sex.

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