Explore all your gay fantasies at FILF

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While it might sound a little perverted when I was a little younger and my mom married a new guy I had the biggest crush on him. Although he was my step-father I would go to bed at night and dream about him climbing in with me. I wanted to wake up to him sucking on my cock so bad and yet it was just a dream that would never happen, or at least so I thought.

One night I did wake up to someone sucking on my cock and to my horror, it wasn’t my step-dad. It turns out my step-brother was the one that had a taste for dick and right then and there I was trying my best to resist his advances. While I could have sent him packing and told my family everything that happened, there was that part of me that thought why not see just how far this will go.

As taboo as it was, we spent many nights making gay love and it was some of the sweetest ass fucking sex that I’ve ever had. While it was FILF sex that I was looking for in the beginning this was truly something that I wasn’t going to say no to!