12 Gay Men Sites Under One Roof

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And all of that for the price of one!

The pic I chose is from Man Royale as you can clearly see by the watermark but it is in fact the network who brings us this site and eleven other gay sites, the one as good as the other, that are offering this amazing deal.

If you were shopping around for your next membership deal then i’d like to urge you to consider this one. You were likely going to pay this much for a single site that you fancy anyways so you may as well get the bonus sites with this Gay Room discount at 84% off for free if you think about it.

Chances are that even then this deal is cheaper than what you would have paid for elsewhere for a lot less content.

The regular price here has been slashed by 67% on a 30-day pass which you can pick up for $10.08. By renewing that month-to-month you’ll automatically activate the lifetime benefits which means that this special rate will remain fixed for the rest of your life or as long as you keep refreshing your membership.

There is also a sweet yearly subscription option for only 5 bucks per month.